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    Yttrium – light gray, ductile, soft metal. Easily soluble in mineral acids. Metallic yttrium is used as an additive in the production of alloy steel, modified cast iron, and other alloys. Special pipelines  is made from it.

    Density: 4.47 g / cm3;

    Melting point: 1528 ° C;

    Boiling point: 3320 ° C;

    Due to the presence of highly plastic properties, yttrium is excellent for making various forms of rolled products. From it produce pipes, circles and sheets with a thickness of up to 0.8 mm. Yttrium has received the greatest application in atomic energy. In particular, using yttrium pipes transport liquid nuclear fuel based on plutonium and uranium. The inertness of yttrium to these elements makes it possible to increase the service life of the pipeline by almost 2 times. The ductility and weldability of yttrium make the pipe manufacturing process as technologically advanced and efficient as possible.

    Yttrium metal industrial use

    In the aviation industry, alloys based on yttrium and aluminum are used as aircraft linings. These alloys have a strength 1.5 times higher than the analogous indicator traditionally used for this duralumin. Moreover, yttrium – aluminum alloys are ahead of it in heat resistance, but they also have the same specific weight.

    Vanadium alloys are alloyed with yttrium to increase their ductile properties. Also, yttrium helps to remove oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen from the alloy, which reduces the brittleness.

    In heat engineering, yttrium serves as a raw material for the manufacture of heating elements: coils, wires and tapes. Their durability is higher by almost 3 times compared with nichrome counterparts.

    Yttrium oxide is a raw material for the production of refractory materials.



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