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Tungsten powder

Tungsten powder
Al Farid Wood and Metal Trading Company sell various metal powders in the UAE. The offered products are of high quality, reliability and durability. Our managers will help you choose the right products and place an order, and  provide all the necessary advice. You will receive a comfortable full-cycle service, convenient forms of payment, low prices and a flexible system of  discounts for regular customers.

Tungsten powder is an explosive, toxic material with a high degree of flammability.

Tungsten powder is classified according to the type and size of particles, bulk density, purity of the feedstock, etc. Aluminum, lanthanum and other elements are used as additives to improve performance. The main grades of tungsten powder: normal (PV), low-active (PVN), high-active (PVV), technical (PVT)

Tungsten powder is a raw material for the production of tungsten, as well as tungsten rolled products. Using powder metallurgy methods, sintered rods are made of tungsten powder, which serve as material for producing tungsten rolled products: electrodes, rods, sheets, wire. Tungsten powder is used in metallurgy for the production of hard, high-temperature alloys, as well as special steels


Chemical properties

CComponent type Mass Share, %
Impurities, not more than:
Mo 0,04 0,02 0,2
Fe 0,008 0,006 0,02
Na 0,015 0,01 0,02
Si 0,004 0,004 0,005
K 0,02 0,02 0,02
Сa 0,005 0,002 0,005
Ni 0,005 0,005 0,008
С 0,003 0,006 0,003
Al 0,001 0,001 0,002
P 0,005 0,004 0,005
Si 0,004 0,004 0,004
As 0,005 0,003 0,003
W , not less than 99,89 99,92 99,68
Oxygen and moisture, not more 0,25 0,35 0,2
Density (g/cm3) 3,0-15,5 3,0-5,0 3,0-15,5
Diameter of the grain Fisher scale (mm*10^(-3)) 3,5-6,0 0,8-1,7 3,5-6,0



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