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    Thulium metal is used for the production of heat-resistant alloys, and also has some use in ferrites (ceramic-magnetic materials) used in microwave equipment, and also as a radiation source in a portable X-ray machine.

    According to the degree of purity, there are three brands of thulium in bars:

    Tm-1 – 99.97%;

    Tm-2 – 99.95%;

    Tm-3 – 99.92%.

    Application of thulium metal

    Metal isotopes are used to create soft radiation, which allows for high-quality diagnostic procedures. These rays give a clearer image of difficult-to-reach areas that conventional x-rays cannot handle. Radioactive isotopes of this element are used in the field of ultra-precise defetoscopy of metal products of large thickness. For example, with its help, weld seams of oil pipelines are examined. In the laser industry, ions of this metal are used as the causative agent of the infrared spectrum of high-intensity rays. By changing the vapor concentration in the correction chamber, you can change the wavelength. The same metal is used for the production of synthetic stones involved in the formation of laser beams. Thulium ferrite alloys form the basis of computer hard disk coatings.

    Density: 9.32 g / cm3;

    Melting point: 1545 ° C;

    Boiling point: 1947 ° C;

    In 1879, the Swedish chemist Per Teodor Cleve separated from the rare earth oxide erbia another two previously unknown components, which he called holmia and thulia; these were the oxides of holmium and thulium, respectively. A relatively pure sample of thulium metal was first obtained in 1911.


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    Thulium metal chemical properties:

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