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    Scandium is a soft, lightweight metal that is easily machined. On the air covered with an oxide film. The use of scandium in the form of micro-doping impurities has a significant impact on a number of important alloys. The main application of scandium in volume is its use in aluminium-scandium alloys, where high strength and ductility are required. A certain amount of scandium is consumed for the alloying of heat-resistant nickel alloys with chromium and iron (nichrome and fehral) for a sharp increase in service life when used as a heating winding for resistance furnaces.

    Density: 2.99 g / cm3;

    Melting point: 1541 ° C;

    Boiling point: 2837 ° C;

    Metallurgy. Scandium, as a metal with a high melting point, is used in the composition of micro ligatures for the production of refractory alloys. Scandium oxide is used to make glasses of casting ladles for casting high-alloy steels. Aluminium alloys scandium gives additional strength. The isotope scandium-46 is used to control processes in metallurgy.

    Scandium metal application

    Scandium is used in the aircraft building industry to create high-strength aluminium structural materials, because alloys doped with scandium in the composition of micro ligatures, have a low density and have a high melting point.

    Computer technology. Scandium, in the form of micro additives, is used to create ferrites of computer memory elements.



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