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  • Samarium is a silvery yellow metal. It is chemically stable in dry air, slowly oxidizes in humid air, starts burning at temperatures above 150 degrees. It is used to create permanent magnets, to produce super powerful permanent magnets, from samarium – cobalt alloys, along with other components. induction.

    Samarium oxide is highly resistant to molten active metals. It has a high melting point  and this property is successfully used in metallurgy.

    Samarium metal is used to create lasers.

    Samarium is used for the manufacture of microwave filters, microchips, memory devices, LCD displays, in medical diagnostics.

    Density: 7.520 g / cm3;

    Melting point: 1350 ° C;

    Boiling point: 2064 ° C;

    The name “rare earths” is given due to the fact that, firstly, they are relatively rare in the earth’s crust (content (1.6-1.7) × 10−2% by weight) and, secondly, they form refractory practically insoluble oxides in water.


    The price and range of samarium   metal products   are constantly updated, so please contact our managers to place your order quickly and correctly.

    To get the price   please send us a request for quotation with the  quantity and material of the goods.


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