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Palladium Anodes

Palladium Anodes

Palladium anodes are a type of positively charged electrodes used as electrolytes.



Produced in the form of sheet metal or strip.

Design feature: two holes for mounting the anode in the electroplating bath.

Used to apply protective coatings of palladium. Gives products corrosion resistance, durability, reliability, durability. Produced by rolling, hot pressing.

It differs according to the state of the material: annealed, solid.

It has various parameters (length, width, thickness).

It has a high electrical conductivity (lower than silver). The palladium anode is able to conduct electric current for a long period of time at temperatures up to + 300 ° C.

Palladium coatings have an attractive appearance, have mechanical strength (resistance to scratches, cracks, chips, etc.).

Does not oxidize and does not rust when in contact with chemically aggressive substances.



Palladium anodes are used in radio engineering, electrical, electrochemical, chemical, instrument-making, jewelry areas.

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