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Palladium and alloy tubes

Palladium and alloy tubes

Tubes of palladium and alloys based on them – long products of hollow section of small diameter from palladium.


Palladium tubes have a silvery-white color, varying in diameter and size on the ordinary and capillary.

Also have different weight, length, wall thickness of the tube. They differ in the method of production and surface treatment, the brand of the original alloy.

Palladium belongs to the noble metals of the platinum group of alloys.

Palladium tubes are easy to handle with pressure and hot deformation due to the high ductility of the material.

Give in to cold plastic deformations, bend and unbend without damage to the structure.

It has a high degree of hardness and strength.

It is resistant to scratches, chips, cracks.

Does not deform at high temperatures, does not give in to corrosion, maintains performance characteristics during many working cycles.

Palladium tubes have good thermal and electrical conductivity.



Palladium tubes are used for the needs of the metallurgical, chemical, electrical industry, in the manufacture of jewelry, radio equipment.

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