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Osmium powder

Osmium powder

Osmium powder is a platinum-group metal particle of silver-white color with a blue tint.

The density of osmium powder is quite high (one of the densest metals) and is 22.48 g / cm3.

Osmium powder melts at high temperatures (above + 2000C).

Retains its shape and physical characteristics at high temperatures, does not oxidize, does not sinter, and does not rust when in contact with aggressive substances.

It is dissolved in concentrated acid sulfur and nitrogen, reacts with vaporous concentrates of nitric and sulfuric acids, selenium, tellurium and phosphorus.

Differs in a form and weight of granules, brand, bulk density.



Osmium powder is used in chemical and physical laboratories, serves as a raw material for the manufacture of coatings, parts and elements of electronic and radio equipment, metal-ceramic and jeweler products.

Powder type Chemical composition, %
Os, not less than Impurities, not more than (%)
Ag Fe Total impurities
OsA-0 99,97 0,002 0,01 0,03
OsA-1 99,95 0,002 0,01 0,05
OsA-2 99,9 0,002 0,03 0,1

The particle size of the powder should be less than 1.0 mm. Particles larger than 1.0 mm are allowed in an amount of not more than 2% by weight of the lot.

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