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Brass powder

Brass powder
Al Farid Wood and Metal Trading Company sell various metal powders in the UAE. The offered products are of high quality, reliability and durability. Our managers will help you choose the right products and place an order, and  provide all the necessary advice. You will receive a comfortable full-cycle service, convenient forms of payment, low prices and a flexible system of  discounts for regular customers.

The brass powder has a golden yellow color, released in the form of powder.

It is made by means of mechanical grinding in ball mills or vortex type mills. The second way to get the powder is to spray brass alloys in inert gases.

It differs by brand, bulk density, particle size distribution, chemical composition, weight, scope.

Brass powder is 60% copper, 40% zinc.

This powder is obtained by several methods, namely: by spraying molten brass with water, by mechanical grinding in special mills, by electric explosion in inert gases. Fine particles are used to create wear-resistant coatings on various surfaces. The powdery substance is deposited using the method of deposition or by thermal spraying.

Performance characteristics of brass powder:

High density and hardness of granules;


Wear resistance;



Brass powder is supplied packaged in hard and soft packages.



The powdered brass alloy is widely used in powder metallurgy, the chemical industry, electrical engineering, instrument, automobile and mechanical engineering, the mining and metallurgical and oil-producing industries, and the energy sector. It is used to create wear-resistant coatings on certain structures and mechanisms. Such protective layers are characterized by resistance to corrosion and environmental factors, contribute to the strengthening of products, as well as the extension of their service term.

In addition, brass powder is involved in the production of paints and varnishes and special pigments that create metallic and other decorative effects on surfaces. Small metal particles are used for spraying sculptures and monuments, architectural elements. Varnish and paints, in the composition of which there is a powdered alloy, are used during interior and facade works.

Also, brass powder is used in the manufacture of filters and functional parts of machines by sintering, used for the manufacture of solders and fittings.

Main types of brass powder : Cu50Zn50, Cu60Zn40,Cu70Zn30 и Cu80Zn20

Powder type Chemical composition (%)
Cu Zn Impurities, not more than (%)
Cu50Zn50 Remain 48-52 2
Cu60Zn40 38-42 2
Cu70Zn30 28-32 2
Cu80Zn20 18-22 2

Powder density 2,5-4,0 g/cm3

Particle size varies in the range of 40-400 microns.



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