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  • Brass Ball Valve  Material

    The most important thing that you should pay attention to when purchasing a brass ball valve is the body material. It should be, indeed, brass, and not a zinc-aluminum alloy, which is often used by some unscrupulous manufacturers. Zinc-aluminum alloy is an alloy containing about 96-98% zinc, 2-3% aluminum and up to 1% copper.

    Such alloys are widely used in the automotive industry (carburetor bodies),
    You can distinguish a brass tap from a zinc-aluminum alloy tap by weight: the latter is much lighter.Because the specific gravity of the zinc-aluminum alloy is 6.7 g / cm3, while for brass it is 8.4 ÷ 8.7 g / cm3. If you lightly, with a sandpaper or file, remove the electroplating on the valve body, then brass is detected by barely noticeable yellowness, which in 2 days will oxidize to a characteristic “brass” color. The color of the zinc-aluminum alloy is silver, which does not change during oxidation. It is safest to buy a faucet whose natural color of brass is exposed from under the galvanized coating in any area. The bulk of the brass ball valves on the market are manufactured by hot forging. For this method of production of pipe fittings.

    The most optimal composition is lead brass grade CW617N according to EN 12165

    Brass ball valve parameters

    Our Products are made from 99.9% brass, with brass balls, for long term use, 2x extended life time due to brass ball. Not iron as on ordinary models)

    Available sizes: 1/2 and 3/4 inch

    Connection type – Female x Female, Male x Female, Male x Male

    Nickel coated

    Weight per 1 valve – 160g-275 g
    Body material: Brass
    Ball material – Brass
    Handle: Butterfly, red color


    brass ball valve brass ball valve brass ball valve

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