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Aluminum pipes

Aluminum pipes
Al Farid Wood and Metal Trading Company sell various aluminium products in the UAE. The offered products are of high quality, reliability and durability. Our managers will help you choose the right products and place an order, and provide all the necessary advice. You will receive a comfortable full-cycle service, convenient forms of payment, low prices and a flexible system of discounts for regular customers.

The aluminium tube is hollow and in shape can be round, square, oval or hexagonal.

Aluminium pipes have a long service life, they are light and easy to install. Aluminium is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, it is not susceptible to oxidation and is chemically inert, it is easy to deform in a cold state. According to the state of the material, pipes can be with or without heat treatment, aged by natural or artificial means, and also annealed.


By production method:

cold deformed aluminium tube;

extruded aluminium tube

welded longitudinal aluminium alloy pipe


The shape of the section:

round aluminium pipes;

square aluminium pipes;

aluminium rectangular pipes;


By wall thickness:

round thin-walled – with wall thickness up to 5.0 mm inclusive;

round thick-walled – with a wall thickness of more than 5.0 mm.


According to the condition of the material:

without heat treatment (hot-pressed) – denoted by the brand of aluminium or aluminium alloy without additional signs;

annealed aluminium pipes;

Aluminium tubes, hardened and semi-hardened

hardened and naturally aged aluminium tubes;

hardened and artificially aged aluminium pipes;

incompletely hardened and artificially aged

Aluminium pipes are used in all types of pipelines of the chemical and oil and gas industry and the installation of heat networks, in finishing works in the construction field, for the improvement of highways.


Our Company offer the  following types of pipes:

Extruded aluminium tubes produced by the following alloys AMc (1400), AMcC (1401), AMr1 (1510), AB (1340), AD31 (1310), D1 (1110)

The outer diameter (D) is from 18 to 300 mm, the wall (S) is from 1.5 to 40 mm, the weight of one meter is from 0.222 to 93.116 kg.

Welded longitudinal pipes are made of tape. Aluminium alloys AMr2 (1520), AMr3 (1530), AMr5 (1550), D1 (1110), D16 (1160), AK6 (1360) are taken as the starting material.

Seamless cold formed pipes are made of aluminium alloys :

AMr2 (1520), D16 (1160), AMr3 (1530), AMr5 (1550), AMr6 (1560)

The outer diameter (D) is from 6 to 120 mm, the wall thickness (S) is from 0.5 to 5 mm, the weight of one meter is from 0.023 kg to 4.948 kg.


Table of aluminium alloys


The size, price and range of aluminium pipes  are constantly updated, so please contact our managers to place your order quickly and correctly.

To get the price   please send us a request for quotation with the required size, quantity and material of the goods.

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