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Zirconium metal products

Zirconium alloys are used in many industries: energy, rocket and aircraft construction, instrument engineering, foundry. Due to the high resistance to the effects of various environments, has found application in the creation of surgical instruments, medical prosthetics. Zirconium does not have a direct biological effect on the body, but it is still very important and very useful for human life. It has found application in medicine due to its physical and chemical properties:
  • stimulates rapid healing of wounds, preventing the penetration of infections and the formation of pus, that is, has an antimicrobial effect;
  • It is used as a material for tools, since it is absolutely neutral to the action of alkalis, acids, water, ammonia;
  • relieves the symptoms of allergies, while he himself is not an allergen;
  • has an antiseptic effect;
  • does not conduct radiation
Currently, the following industrial uses of zirconium have been identified:
  •  ceramics and refractories,
  •  the production of enamels and glass,
  •  production of steels and alloys with non-ferrous metals.
  •  pyrotechnics and electrovacuum equipment.
Measurement Value Units
Melting temperature 1885 ° C
Boiling temperature 3700 ° C
Firmness 34 HB
Density 6,45 g/cm3
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