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Tin metal products

Tin is a silver – white substance, fusible due to its low melting point. It can easily be rolled into a thin layer of foil due to the ductility and plasticity. This substance is resistant to water and some acids. These properties allow the use of tin for the production of many products. This metal does not oxidize at normal temperatures, it allows its use for various protective coatings.   Applications for tin alloys: Solder production. No industry can do without solders. For the production of solders use the glory of tin with cadmium, lead and bismuth. They are used for soldering various parts and blanks, as such alloys are strong and fusible. Automotive industry, aircraft. Bearings of various sizes and various parts for automobiles and airplanes are made from an alloy of tin, copper, lead. Decorative art. An alloy of tin and copper – bronze is used to create various sculptures and monuments. Bronze is not influenced by environmental factors, and therefore is considered a durable material that is excellent for such purposes. Shipbuilding, instrument making. Tin alloys because of their anti-corrosion properties and mechanical resistance are excellent for the production of parts that do not have to wear out quickly.   Chemical characteristic
Measurement Value Units
Melting temperature 231 ° C
Boiling temperature 2620 ° C
 Recrystallization temperature 13 ° C
Density 7,31 g/cm3
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