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Niobium metal products

Niobium in addition to the classical properties such as refractoriness and mechanical strength has a number of specific characteristics used in high-tech industry. These includes superconductivity. Very often, as in the case of electronic devices, a small size is required from blanks, which is characterized by niobium wire. Thus, this product occupies a very important niche among similar products made of refractory materials. The ability of niobium to effectively resist corrosion in mineral and organic acids, in most salts, and sea water, determines its value as a material for critical assemblies and parts of chemical machines and apparatus. In production of constructional elements practically all range of semi-finished products is used: a niobium tape, a bar, a pipe, a leaf, a wire. Niobium and niobium alloys produce pipelines and heat exchangers which involved in high-temperature processes up to 1000–2000 ° C, as well as working with aggressive liquid workspace, for example, for the production of high-purity acids. Since niobium absorbs gases, it is used to make laboratory vacuum equipment and chambers for heating gases, and due to its exceptional heat resistance, the metal is used for refractory coating of high-temperature furnaces. Chemical characteristic
Measurement Value Units
Thermal extension 10,1 – 17.,1 Е-6 / K
Thermal expansion 55,4 – 75,5 Watts per meter-kelvin (W/(m⋅K))
Specific heat    456 J/Kg*K
Melting temperature 1370 – 1400 ° C
Working temperature 0 – 500 ° C
Density 8000 kg/м3
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