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Nickel products

Nickel is a heat-resistant, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant metal, which determines its use as a structural material for products exposed to various corrosive media, including at elevated temperatures, and also subject to mechanical loads at high temperatures. In addition, nickel serves as a popular alloying element for steels and alloys. Nickel for the most part is an integral component of various alloys. All stainless steels necessarily contain nickel, as nickel increases the chemical resistance of the alloy. Nickel alloys are also characterized by high viscosity and are used in the manufacture of durable armor. In the manufacture of the most important parts of various devices used alloy of nickel with iron (36-38% nickel), with a low coefficient of thermal expansion.
Measurement Value Units
Melting temperature 1453 ° C
Boiling temperature 2915 ° C
Firmness 70-90 HB
Density 8,902 g/cm3
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