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Molybdenum metal products

Molybdenum and its alloys are refractory materials. Refractory metals and alloys based on them are used in two versions for the fabrication of head coverings for rockets and aircraft. In one embodiment, these metals serve only as heat shields, which are separated from the main structural material by thermal insulation. Mobile panels of spacecraft, heat exchangers, heat shields, wing trim panels and stabilizers in supersonic airplanes are manufactured from Molybdenum. At the same time, the material requires not only high resistance to oxidation and gas erosion, but also high long-term strength and impact resistance. At temperatures below 1370 ° C, molybdenum and its alloys are used to manufacture these parts. Molybdenum is a promising material for equipment operating in the environment of sulfuric, hydrochloric and phosphoric acids. Due to the high resistance of this metal in molten glass, it is widely used in the glass industry, in particular for the manufacture of electrodes for melting glass. Currently, molybdenum alloys are made of molds and rods of machines for die casting aluminum, zinc and copper alloys. The high strength and hardness of such materials at elevated temperatures led to their use as a tool for hot working of steels and alloys with pressure (mandrel piercing mills, dies, press stamps). Molybdenum significantly improves the properties of steel. Its additive significantly increases their hardenability. Small additives of Mo (0.15-0.8%) in structural steels increase their strength, toughness and corrosion resistance so much that they are used in the manufacture of the most important parts and products.
Measurement Value Units
Melting temperature 2620 ° C
Boiling temperature 4630 ° C
Firmness 125 HB
Density 10,2 g/cm3
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