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Metal products from Wolfram

Chemical characteristic
Measurement Value Units
Melting temperature 3400 ° C
Boiling temperature 5900 ° C
 Recrystallization temperature 1400 ° C
Density 19,3 g/cm3
Wolfram is the basis of hard alloys and many heat-resistant alloys, it is part of wear-resistant alloys and tool steels. From it and alloys are made: parts of aircraft engines, incandescent filaments and parts in vacuum devices.   Where is wolfram used? Due to its unique properties, the chemical element has become indispensable in many industrial sectors. The main application of wolfram is as a basis for the production of refractory materials in metallurgy. With the participation of wolfram produced filament, which is the main element of the lighting devices, as well as other vacuum tubes. Wolfram is an electrode for argon arc welding; Its alloys are highly resistant to various temperatures, acidic environments, as well as hardness and abrasion resistance, and therefore are used in the manufacture of surgical instruments, armor tanks, torpedo and shell shells, aircraft parts and engines, as well as waste; Vacuum resistance furnaces, the temperature in which reaches extremely high values, are equipped with heating elements made also from wolfram; The use of wolfram is popular to provide protection against ionizing radiation.
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