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Metal products from Nichrome

Nichrome – an alloy consisting of the following elements: Ni, Cr, Mn Advantages:
  • material with high electrical resistance;
  • has high heat resistance and heat resistance;
  • possesses good mechanical properties;
  • it is easily processed, as it has good ductility and weldability;
  • creep resistant (creep resistance – material resistance to inelastic deformation that occurs at temperatures above 400 ° C under high pressure);
  • not magnetic.
Nichrome is used in electric heaters of furnaces for all industries, household appliances and devices of thermal action. It is widely used in high-temperature electric furnaces, roasting and drying furnaces, various electrical apparatus of thermal action. Serves as heating and resistor elements. It has high heat resistance, creep resistance, plasticity and shape stability. Also, this material is used as a heat resistant (heat resistant) and chemically resistant alloy in certain corrosive environments.
Measurement Value Units
Melting temperature 1400 ° C
Working  temperature up to 1100 ° C
Firmness 140 HB
Density 8,4 g/cm3
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