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Metal galvanizing is the process of coating a metal surface with zinc to protect against corrosion damage. The galvanizing method is based on the ability of some metals, including zinc, to form a reliable protective oxide film when interacting with air. When oxidized, iron also forms a film, but of a porous structure that allows oxygen to pass through, as a result of which further oxidation occurs. In order to prevent rusting of the metal, it is additionally covered with a layer of zinc. Zinc oxides prevent the penetration of moisture and air to the metal and do not enter with them into further chemical reactions, thereby protecting the metal. The thickness of the zinc layer depends on the temperature conditions and the duration of galvanizing. Chrome plating is the process of coating a metal surface with chromium particles in order to harden and protect against corrosion. There are three methods of chrome plating: diffusion, electrolytic and chemical. Electroplating is the application of a metal film of various layer thicknesses on the surface of metal and non-metallic parts to give them new properties (corrosion protection, antifriction, wear resistance, durability, decorative properties).
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