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US will impose duties on aluminium wire from China

US will impose duties on the aluminium wire from China

The American Commission on International Trade (ITC) found that importing aluminium wire and cable from China at artificially low prices caused material damage to national manufacturers of these products.
Thus, ITC approved the decision of the US Department of Commerce in October to introduce final anti-dumping and countervailing duties on these products. They are expected to take effect from early January, when ITC will publish its official report.

US aluminium wire duties rates

The rates of anti-dumping duties for Chinese companies will be from 58.51 to 63.47%. In addition, their  wire   products will be subject to countervailing duties in the United States ranging from 33.44 to 165.63%.

According to the US Department of Commerce, in 2018, the cost of importing  wire and cable from China reached $ 115 million. The initiators of the investigation were the American companies Encore Wire Corp and Southwire.

aluminium metal has an appearance ranging from silvery white to dull gray, depending on the surface roughness. A fresh film of aluminium serves as a good reflector (approximately 92%) of visible light and an excellent reflector (as much as 98%) of medium and far infrared radiation.

The density of aluminium is 2.70 g/cm3, about 1/3 that of steel, much lower than other commonly encountered metals, making aluminium parts easily identifiable through their lightness.[21] Aluminium’s low density compared to most other metals arises from the fact that its nuclei are much lighter, while difference in the unit cell size does not compensate for this difference. The only lighter metals are the metals of groups 1 and 2, which apart from beryllium and magnesium are too reactive for structural use (and beryllium is very toxic).[22] Aluminium is not as strong or stiff as steel, but the low density makes up for this in the aerospace industry and for many other applications where light weight and relatively high strength are crucial.

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