Copper pipe, straight 12.7 mm Dubai, UAE

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Copper pipe straight , diameter – 12.7 mm thickness -1.0 mm, tube length – 4 meter, 100% copper, copper tubing, high quality, Dubai, UAE. Price- 40 AED

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Air Conditioner Copper Pipe,12.7 mm, straight Dubai, UAE

Copper pipe, copper tubing parameters

Firstly, Cu (Min): 99.99%
Secondly, Elongation (≥ %):54
Phosphorus content: ≤0.015%
Hardness – Soft condition

Grade: Cooper, oxygen-free copper

Ovality: ≤0.3%

Inspection: SGS, BV

Surface finish: Polished


Application: Air Condition Or Refrigerator

Grade: Cooper, oxygen-free copper

Packing type  – Sealed by a plastic bag, and packed by carton box of 20-30 pieces

Copper Pipe, straight, 12.7 mm, advantages:

  • Compact and homogeneous structure.
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • High durability in non-acidic environment.
  • Oxidizing agents and external atmospheric effects inaction.
  • Excellent vibration resistance.
  • High and low (up to -70 ° C) temperatures resistance.
  • Superior heat-exchange efficiency
  • High dimensional precision.
  • Super brightness and high cleanliness of inlet and outlet surface.
  • Welding ease.
  • Ease of use and good formability.
  • High reliability, long operating period.

Copper pipe, Dubai, UAE 12.7 mm applications

The specialists of AL Farid Wood and Metal Trading Company, relying on many years of experience, recommend using copper pipes when installing air conditioning systems. Our company can offer a wide range of copper tubes for sale. In our company you can buy copper tubes of any length and diameters at an optimal price. Our experts will conduct a detailed consultation, answer all your questions and offer the best option for the purchase of copper tubes that directly solve your task of installing a cooling system.

Air conditioning is considered to be a fairly expensive purchase and buyers usually want to save at least on installation. However, a poor-quality freon pipeline can worsen the operation of the system or even lead to conditioner breakdown, so experts recommend using for your conditioner copper pipe. All you need is to choose the right size, for example: copper pipe ½, or copper pipe ¼ .

Drainage of the copper pipe, Dubai, UAE

For normal air conditioner operation, you will also need a drainage tube, preferably a corrugated one. Without drainage, the external air conditioner unit will constantly drip and form puddles on the street.


Saving on brackets is shortsighted. Poor fasteners can lead not only to expensive repairs, but also to the need to buy a new air conditioner.

Brackets for air conditioners can be:

  • welded;
  • with a threaded connection (bolt-on);
  • universal with a horizontal bar.

The last two are considered to be more reliable, which naturally affects the price. Any bracket must withstand the heavy weight of the external air conditioner unit and vibration from its operation.

Copper pipe 12.7 mm, Dubai, UAE

Copper pipes for conditioners are placed in a special box, and the drainage channel is placed at a slope, to drain condensate. Between the external and internal blocks create two highways of copper tubes. The gas line delivers the refrigerant in the form of gas (usually freon) from the compressor to the condenser and from the evaporator to the compressor, the second circuit of the conditioner copper tubes delivers the refrigerant in the form of liquid from the condenser to the evaporator.

A reliable pipe has a number of characteristics: ductility, high degree of cleaning, ease of installation, no dents and cracks, resistance to corrosion and pressure drops. The ends of copper tubes should be closed with special plugs, otherwise dirt and debris can easily get inside.

Copper pipe for air conditioning systems is selected according to the following parameters:

  • type;
  • size;

How to install a copper pipe, Dubai, UAE?


To ensure the integrity of the structure use these methods of assembly:

  • soft or hard soldering;
  • mechanical connection (assembly using fittings);
  • a combination of several types of connections.

Mechanical connection

The algorithm for mounting copper tubes is as follows:

  • identify the need to install an oil trap on the route (for a route with a height difference between blocks of more than 5 meters);
  • measure the required length of the tubes and cut them to size (preferably leave a small margin in case of an unsuccessful roll);
  • put on the reverse nuts and roll the ends of the tubes;
  • remove burrs using a reamer;
  • bend the tubes and put them in a straw or decorative box, organize oil traps.


This process is based on the capillary effect. In this case, the solder layer is laid evenly along the cross section of the copper pipe. Also in the process, special fittings are used, which are selected separately for each diameter of the pipe roll.


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