Copper pipe, straight 9.52 mm Dubai, UAE

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Copper pipe straight , diameter – 9.52 mm thickness -1.0 mm, tube length – 4 meter, 100% copper, copper tubing, high quality, Dubai, UAE. Price- 30 AED

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Сopper Pipe buy online 9.52 mm Dubai, UAE

Copper pipe, copper tubing parameters

Cu (Min): 99.99%
In addition, Elongation (≥ %):54
Phosphorus content: ≤0.015%
Firstly, Hardness – Soft condition

Secondly, Grade: Cooper, oxygen-free copper

Thirdly, Ovality: ≤0.3%

Inspection: SGS, BV

Surface finish: Polished


Application: Air Condition Or Refrigerator

Grade: Cooper, oxygen-free copper

Packing type  – Sealed by a plastic bag, and packed by carton box of 20-30 pieces

In addition, Copper Pipe, straight, 9.52 mm, advantages:

  • Compact and homogeneous structure.
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • High durability in non-acidic environment.
  • Oxidizing agents and external atmospheric effects inaction.
  • Excellent vibration resistance.
  • High and low (up to -70 ° C) temperatures resistance.
  • Superior heat-exchange efficiency.
  • High dimensional precision.
  • Super brightness and high cleanliness of inlet and outlet surface.
  • Welding ease.
  • Ease of use and good formability.
  • High reliability, long operating period.


Copper pipe, 9.52 mm, Dubai, UAE applications

The exceptional combination of copper and copper alloys properties (in the form of tube and pipe products mainly) made the metal almost indispensable in modern technologies. Furthermore, today Copper Pipe is an irreplaceable part of our day-to-day life. Being environmentally sound it is widely used in HVAC (heating, ventilating and air-conditioning) systems, in plumbing and refrigeration systems, etc.
Soft copper and rigid copper are two common sorts of Copper Tubing. Above all,  they are usually joined by flare, pressed, compression or solder connections.

Copper pipe, Dubai, UAE for conditioner: size table, types

Copper Tube is extensively harnessed to convey potable water in residential and non-residential buildings. It also helps to provide water for different non-potable uses like making coffee and cooking meals, watering plants, cleaning cars and other vehicles, washing clothes or flushing toilets. Copper alloys are preferable for delivering fluids for diverse industries including marine, chemical, oil and process ones.

Air conditioner copper pipe is rarely included with the air conditioner itself. In most cases, the customer himself purchases all additional components. Despite the fact that it is better to entrust their purchase to a specialist, we try to give our customers as much information as possible about all the subtleties of choosing components. Moreover,  It will help them to buy copper pipe of the appropriate size.


In addition, The small cross-section allows you not to make large holes in the building wall when broaching. Depending on the unit power, the diameter varies: copper pipe 0,7 mm, copper pipe 12,7 mm and so on. In conclusion, the amount of pressure loss in the end devices that cool the air also depends on the diameter.


The main indicators for the selection of the required products are the diameters of ac pipes for air conditioners. The rate of circulation of the refrigerant through the system depends on their value. In addition, a well-defined cross-section will significantly reduce pressure losses in units that cool the air.

Technical specifications for copper pipes 9.52 mm, Dubai, UAE

Today, copper pipes are one of the most suitable solutions for the installation of air conditioning systems. In addition, they are environmentally friendly, durable, resistant to corrosion, tolerate external influences without damage, and are highly durable. Copper tubes are lightweight and can withstand high pressures and sudden temperature changes.  In addition, Air conditioner copper pipes made of other materials are not able to withstand such loads in temperature and pressure and cannot compete with products made of copper.

Similarly, The higher the power of the air conditioner, the greater the amount of refrigerant the tubes must pass through. The dimensions of pipes for air conditioners can also be classified by length, because the distance between the external and internal blocks may be different. As a rule, copper pipes are delivered to stores in compartments with a length of 15, 25 and 50 meters.

There are two technologies for the production of copper tubes that directly affect their consumer properties.


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