Aluminium foil roll 50 sq ft Dubai, UAE

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Aluminium foil, 50 sq ft roll, Dubai 30 cm width, food packing, general use, high quality, with metal cutter, Get aluminum food containers for free! Only 2.75 AED!

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Aluminum foil roll, 50 sq ft Dubai, UAE

Nowadays Aluminium Foil roll 50 sq ft has a broad scope of application from household to construction industry.


Usually, inner walls and ceilings are lined with Aluminum Foil roll 50 sq ft.And then sheathed with boards or lining.
The heat generated by heating batteries does not completely go to the heating of the room. Up to 30% of the heat is lost through the outer wall. A similar situation is with heat-insulated flooring. Using the properties of Aluminum Foil roll 50 sq ft – high heat reflectivity – making a foil screen between the battery and the wall or between the heating element and the floor, reduces heat loss and energy costs for heating.
Aluminum Foil roll 50 sq ft is also used for the production of transformers and electric coils.

Aluminum Foil Dubai roll 50 sq ft, advantages:

  • High corrosion resistance 
  • Superior thermal insulation and waterproofing properties.
  • Thermal conductivity (Aluminum Foil roll 50 sq ft has a high ability to evenly conduct heat without losing its basic properties).
  • High reflectivity (up to 97%).
  • Superior oil, water, gas or any fluids impermeability (Aluminum Foil roll 50 sq ft is several times higher than impermeability of any polymeric material and even their combinations) and vapor profness.
  • Moisture, humidity, high and low temperature resistance, heat resistance (Aluminum Foil roll 50 sq ft withstands the highest temperatures, protecting its contents from cracking, carbonization, burning).
  • High ductility and malleability.

Aluminum Foil Dubai roll 50 sq ft,  properties

  • Firstly, Good plasticity (Aluminum Foil roll 50 sq ft is almost perfect for packing all kinds of products and any shape containers).
  • Secondly, High level of hygiene, clean, sanitary surface (Aluminum Foil roll 50 sq ft is sterile after annealing, it does not contain surface bacteria or microorganisms, it also does not contribute to their reproduction).
  • High barrier properties (Aluminum Foil roll 50 sq ft serves as an impenetrable metal shield for the contents, preventing its evaporation, drying, moisturizing, completely isolates from light, prevents the penetration of odors and tastes and appearing of any peculiar smell in food).

Aluminum Foil Dubai roll 50 sq ft, UAE properties II

  • Firstly, Lightness (aluminum is a light metal, therefore Aluminum Foil roll 50 sq ft and products made of it have a lower weight in comparison with traditional pots and other kitchenware). 
  • Secondly, Non-toxicity (Aluminum Foil roll 50 sq ft can directly contact with food without any harm to human health).
  • Absolute opacity (Aluminum Foil roll 50 sq ft is a perfect packing material for products which can deteriorate quite quickly under the influence of bright light).

Environmental friendliness (Aluminum Foil roll 50 sq ft is easily recyclable and can be used again an unlimited number of times).

Aluminum foil Dubai  production method

Aluminum, as a metal suitable for application in engineering and everyday life. It was first obtained relatively recently – in the second half of the 19th century. In 1909 a patent (No. 917285) was issued to Swiss Alfred Gauchi as the inventor of aluminium foil. The patent described a method of manufacturing sheets of aluminum foil thinner than 0.1 mm. And claimed its use for “packaging chocolate and other foods.” 

Nowadays there are four main stages of Aluminum Foil roll 50 sq ft production:

  • Firstly, hot rolling aluminum strip;
  • Secondly, cold rolling aluminum strip;
  • cold rolling foil;
  • cutting and rewinding foil into rolls for consumers.

Technology for the production, Aluminium foil Dubai

The usual technology for the production of Aluminum Foil roll 50 sq ft begins with the casting of molten aluminum into large rectangular aluminum ingots in the form of a trapezoid – aluminum slabs – weighing from 10 to 25 tons and up to 10 m long. This happens in special vertical semi-continuous casting machines actions.

 Then subjected to hot rolling on strips. In rolling mills – single-strand or tandem – on strips with a thickness of 6 to 2.5 mm. And wound into rolls at a temperature of about 300 ºС

The last stage in the production

For many years aluminium foil is in common use for cooking and packaging. However, there are still many rumors and guesses around its properties.

First of all, let’s clarify why bakery foil has dull and shiny sides. Such a difference is just a result of its manufacturing technology peculiarities.

To get the foil as thin as we know it, manufacturers roll it through two steel shafts. However, rolling just one sheet is irrational. Therefore, they practice joint rolling. In other words, they put two sheets together and roll them simultaneously. A side that contacts steel shafts gains that gloss just because the roll acts as a polishing tool as well. On the contrary, a side that contacts another foil sheet stays dull.

The last stage in the production of Aluminium Foil roll 50 sq ft is the cutting of wide and large rolls of foil with rewinding them into rolls of various sizes and volumes.


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