AC copper pipe, size 1/4

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AC copper pipe

Copper pipe, copper tubing parameters

Cu (Min): 99.99%
Elongation (≥ %):54
Phosphorus content: ≤0.015%
Hardness – Soft condition


  • High cleanliness and super brightness of inlet and outlet surface
  • Homogeneous and compact structure
  • High dimensional precision
  • High heat-exchange efficiency
  • Easy welding
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Easy to use and good formability.
  • copper tubing

Copper pipe applications

Modern technology has drawn on the unique combination of properties of copper and copper alloys in the form of tube and pipe products. Copper tube is used extensively to convey potable water in buildings and homes. Copper alloys are selected to convey many diverse fluids for the oil, chemical, process and marine industries.  Tube’s second largest application is in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems; its fastest-growing use in is fire sprinkler systems and fuel gas distribution systems in residential and office buildings. Copper is used for plumbing tube principally because of its corrosion resistance, machinability and high level of heat transfer.

Chief tube applications for copper in the transportation industry are for automotive and truck radiators, air-conditioning systems and hydraulic lines. In marine service, copper and copper alloy tube and pipe are used to carry potable water, seawater and other fluids, but the chief application is alloy tube bundles for condensers and auxiliary heat exchangers. Copper tubing. The food and beverage industries also use copper to carry process fluids for beer, spirits, cane sugar refining and other food processing operations.



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