Copper pipe Dubai, size 3/4, R410A standard

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Copper is selected for these purposes thanks to its machinability, superior corrosion resistance and high level of heat transfer. Due to these qualities it is also used in computer systems and other related equipment preventing any issues with overheating. Dubai, UAE

Ac Сopper tube , size 3/4 inch, 19.05 mm Dubai UAE

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Ac Сopper Pipe Dubai , size 3/4 inch, 19.05 mm  UAE

Copper pipe Dubai, copper tubing  parameters

Cu (Min): 99.99%
Hardness: soft condition
Phosphorus content (≤%): 0.015
Elongation (≥ %): 54

AC Copper Pipe Dubai, UAE, size ¾, 19.05 mm advantages:

  • Compact and homogeneous structure.
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • in addition High durability in non-acidic environment.
  • However Excellent flexibility and vibration resistance.
  • High and low (up to -70 ° C) temperatures resistance.
  • Superior heat-exchange efficiency.
  • High dimensional precision.
  • Super brightness and high cleanliness of inlet and outlet surface.
  • Welding ease.
  • in addition Ease of use and good formability.
  • after that High reliability, long operating period.

Due to the fact that AC Copper Pipe, size ¾, not only facilitates ease of installation, therefore  also maximizing cost efficiency and productivity, it is so extensively used nowadays.

Copper Pipe Dubai, UAE, size 3/4 inch, 19.05 mm types

When carrying out work related to the installation of HVAC equipment, there is a need to create communications designed to transport refrigerant from one unit to another. Most often they use copper tubes for air conditioners.

For work as a part of conditioning systems copper tubes of 2 types are used:

  • for instance unannealed, with increased strength; annealed, characterized by greater ductility.
  • use of fittings.

Since the solder has a low melting point, when connecting the copper elements, you can do with a simple gas burner. In order to eliminate the risk of coolant leakage in HVAC equipment, it is better to use a capillary high-temperature technique, because such soldering is more reliable.

Ac copper pipe Dubai, UAE size 3/4 inch,  what role does it play?

Every year customers are more and more concerned about how to choose the parts to make the air conditioner last longer. Among the consumables for installing it, a copper tube is most often ordered. Of course, copper has analogues, such as aluminum, various polymer materials. So why do most people choose copper? The answer is simple: only copper has the highest resistance to corrosion, is not susceptible to various types of bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, and is not subject to the build-up of organic and mineral deposits. According to statistics, a pipe made of this material can last as long as fifty years.

AC copper pipe can be different: copper pipe 12,7 mm, copper pipe 6,35 mm and so on.


Air conditioner copper pipe is rarely included with the air conditioner itself. In most cases, the customer himself purchases all additional components. Despite the fact that it is better to entrust their purchase to a specialist, we try to give our customers as much information as possible about all the subtleties of choosing components. It will help them to buy copper pipe of the appropriate size.


The specifics of working with copper tube Dubai, UAE, size 19.05 mm 

Most of the components and parts in the air conditioner are made of metal. Even electrical wires in plastic shrouds become unusable, if all the system becomes corroded. That is why it makes no sense to use budget analogues, because later you will still have to buy copper tubes (unless you do not want another air conditioner to break).

Between the external and internal blocks create two highways of copper tubes. The gas line delivers the refrigerant in the form of gas (usually freon) from the compressor to the condenser and from the evaporator to the compressor, the second circuit of the conditioner copper tubes delivers the refrigerant in the form of liquid from the condenser to the evaporator.

Docking of conditioner pipes by soldering, preliminary cleaning and degreasing of pipes, applying a special hermetic paste, uniform heating of the joint with a torch, applying solder, cooling the joint in natural conditions and removing excess sealant.


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