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  • Platinum anodes

    Platinum anodes are a type of electrodes (positively charged precious metal plates) used in galvanochemistry.



    Manufacturing method: rolling, hot deformation, pressure treatment.

    Raw materials: platinum rolled products, ingots of platinum and platinum containing alloys.

    Has a positive potential. Allowable electrolysis temperature: from + 105С to + 123С.

    Refers to insoluble anodes, is used for electroplating reactions in acidic environments.

    It differs in thickness, length and width of the sheet.

    Leave form: sheet, strip (rectangular or square).

    Platinization gives products an attractive appearance, durability, reliability, resistance to wear and aging. Provides high corrosion resistance of the product, heat resistance, heat resistance, resistance to oxidative processes.

    Extends the life of products.



    Platinum anodes are used in the jewelry industry to improve the quality of products from cheaper materials, for the manufacture of high-precision radio and electrical engineering parts, measuring priori and sensors, mechanisms for the aviation and space industries, and the production of watches and spectacle frames.

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