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  • Pipes from platinum and alloys based on it

    Platinum pipes are distinguished by a high degree of refractoriness, corrosion resistance, strength combined with plasticity, mechanical bending and torsion strength.

    Produced in normal or annealed conditions.

    The diameter determines the scope of use (pipes of small diameter are capillary).

    The method of processing the surface of the pipe (polishing, grinding, matting).

    Platinum pipes retain their geometry and performance when in contact with substances of high chemical activity in various states (steam, gas, alkali, acid).

    The high degree of corrosion resistance and heat resistance allows using platinum tubes at high temperatures.

    The degree of chemical and biological inertness: above average.

    The pipe has a silver-gray color with a grayish tint, differs by the highest density among noble metals.

    Platinum group metals include: platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, palladium, osmium, iridium. They are characterized by increased melting and boiling points, increased mechanical hardness and strength in the annealed condition, but reduced electrical and thermal conductivity.

    Pipes of platinum group metals resistant to scratches and chips, the effects of concentrated acids and alkalis.

    The surface of the pipe can be matte or mirror.

    They differ in pipe diameter (size and shape of the section), length, grade of the original alloy, production method, method of processing the surface of the pipe.

    Released seamless, cast, annealed, welded.



    Platinum pipes are used to equip chemical laboratories, to transport chemically active substances, to conduct chemical reactions of combustion, roasting, melting.

    Platinum tubes are used in radio electronic devices, electrical parts, in the manufacture of jewelry, medical equipment and tools.

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