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  • Pipes from gold and alloys based on it

    Gold pipes are produced by hot or cold rolling, seamless welded or cast from the following alloys: gold – platinum, gold – zirconium, gold — silver — platinum; , gold — silver — copper; gold – silver – nickel; gold – palladium – nickel.

    Differ in section diameter and shape (circle, square).

    Depending on the diameter of the pipe, it is normal or capillary.

    The pipe has a yellow color, has high plasticity, density, refractoriness.

    Pipes made of gold and alloys conduct heat and electric current well, do not oxidize and do not form traces of oxides and rust on the surface at high temperatures and upon contact with aggressive media.

    Do ot form sulfur films.

    Gold tubes are plastic, but their hardness can be increased by cold working with pressure.

    The introduction of nickel in the melt increases the hardness of gold products.

    Gold pipes do not crack, do not deform under extreme conditions, and are not affected by hot steam, acids, alkalis.

    Gold pipe can have a matte or mirror surface, differ in tube length and wall thickness.



    Tubes of gold are used in electronics, metallurgy, chemistry, medicine. They can serve as a raw material for the production of jewelry, decorative elements of the interior, everyday life, works of art, laboratory equipment.

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