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  • Laboratory boxes for burning of precious metals and alloys

    Boxes for burning of noble metals and alloys – specialized laboratory equipment designed to carry out reactions of combustion, roasting, remelting.



    It is a capacity of a given size and volume, made by stamping or casting of precious metals and alloys on the basis of (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc.).

    It is produced mainly from platinum and platinum-containing alloys.

    Capacity shape: cube, parallelepiped.

    It has a different volume, wall thickness, height, base area.

    It differs in volume, mass, type of feedstock.

    Boxes for burning have heat-resistant and heat-resistant characteristics, exhibit high heat resistance and corrosion resistance when in contact with concentrated substances of high chemical activity.

    Does not rust, does not crack, does not oxidize during operation at high temperatures. Keeps a form and working qualities during a set of working cycles.

    It shows high resistance to wear and aging.

    Biologically and chemically inert product.



    Boxes for burning from precious metals are used as laboratory glassware for chemical analyzes and research, in the production of radio components and jewelry.

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