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  • Laboratory boats from noble metals and alloys

    Boats of precious metals and alloys – a kind of laboratory equipment in the form of an elongated bowl of a given volume.



    The boats are made by casting or stamping alloys of platinum, gold, palladium, silver and noble metals.

    The shape of the boat can be longitudinal and round.

    Depending on the volume there are small diameter boats (micro-boats).

    Noble metal boats have various applications: elemental analysis boats, incinerators, etc.

    They belong to corrosion-resistant chemical equipment with a high degree of protection against cracking, chips, scratches, deformation from overheating, etc. The physicochemical properties of the product depend on the specific alloy.

    The boats are designed for a long service life, they are characterized by high heat resistance, density, resistance to oxidative processes.



    Boats made of precious metals and alloys are used as containers and containers of small volume for storing bulk products and reagents, vessels for carrying out reactions of combustion, remelting, roasting, analysis of substances, etc.

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