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  • Glasses from precious metals and alloys

    Glasses of precious metals and alloys – a kind of laboratory glassware made of precious metals with a given diameter of the base with a large height.



    The glass is a container in the form of a cylinder or a cone with a different volume.

    Edge type: normal, reinforced.

    It differs in the shape of the glass, volume, diameter, height, weight, type of raw materials.

    It is produced stamped or cast from raw materials containing gold and other metals in pure form or in the form of alloys.

    Marked by number (depending on volume).

    They are made from an alloy based on platinum and rhodium, silver and platinum and other combinations.

    Used as a measure for bulk and liquid substances.

    Possesses high fire resistance and fire resistance. Designed for long life without signs of deformation.

    Retains its shape and performance (depending on the type of alloy) at extremely high temperatures. Does not pass gas, steam, moisture, ultraviolet radiation. At contact with aggressive substances it does not melt, does not oxidize and does not rust. Not resistant to signs of erosion, chemical corrosion, electrolytic corrosion.

    As a refractory vessel is used for chemical reactions of combustion and melting. It is additionally completed with a lid or tray of identical material, as well as a measuring spoon or spatula.



    Glasses of precious metals and alloys are used as measuring laboratory vessels or containers for storing highly active substances, volatile compounds, liquids or powders. It is used for the needs of the chemical, jewelry, medical and other industries

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