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  • Funnels from precious metals and alloys

    Funnels from noble metals and alloys is a type of laboratory chemical equipment of conical shape made of gold, silver, platinum, rhodium and other precious metals and alloys.



    Funnels from precious metals are produced by cold stamping from platinum of the purity grade 99.9 and platinum-containing alloys or a combination of alloys.

    It has the shape of a cone with a narrowed neck.

    It differs in the diameter of the base, the type of raw materials, the diameter of the neck.

    Differs in the high durability, reliability. It can be used for a long period of time without signs of damage, traces of oxides and rust, cracks and tears. Normally in contact with aggressive media (liquids, gases, solids, abrasives). It serves as measuring equipment, as well as for pouring or pouring working substances from one container to another.

    Have different weights and diameters to the diameter of the dish.

    Optionally available with grill and cylinder.

    Used for acids, alkalis, salt solutions of high concentration; shows heat resistance, heat resistance and heat resistance. Not amenable to erosion and deformation when in contact with electrolytes.



    Funnels from precious metals are used as measuring and laboratory glassware to equip the laboratories of scientific centers and institutes in the chemical, metallurgical, and jewelry industries.

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