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  • Flasks of precious metals and alloys

    Flasks of precious metals and alloys – a kind of laboratory equipment of a given volume of gold-platinum group.



    Flasks of precious metals are made by casting or stamping of precious metal alloys.

    It has the shape of a cone or sphere with an elongated narrow neck.

    It differs in the volume of the main bowl, the diameter of the base and the diameter of the neck, the height of the flask.

    Marking is based on the volume of the bowl, the mass of the product and the brand of raw materials.

    The most popular type of raw material for the production of flasks is platinum frequency 99.9. for tight and reliable storage of the substance, a lid with a diameter coinciding with the throat diameter is used.

    Flasks of platinum and other precious metals have a high margin of safety. Designed for use in extreme conditions over a long period of time.

    Possess fire resistance, fire resistance. They have high rates of heat resistance, heat resistance, red hardness.

    Do not melt, do not crack when in contact with fire, chemically active components.

    Resist corrosion, oxidation, erosion and electrical wear. It tolerates temperature differences.

    Saves performance and product forum.



    Flasks of precious metals are used as laboratory glassware, as measuring containers, and also as vessels for carrying out chemical reactions (burning, melting, burning, sublimation, etc.).

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