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  • Caps from precious metals and alloys

    Caps of precious metals and alloys – a kind of specialized laboratory equipment for picking tweezers and other products made of precious metals and their alloys.



    Caps of precious metals are made from platinum, silver, rhodium, palladium, etc.

    The tip is used as a protective element of the sharp ends of products made of precious metals (forceps, tongs, feathers, needles, etc.).

    Caps vary in shape, weight; the brand of the original precious metal.

    Caps are used to protect sharp ends, corners. Treat wearproof products, with the high level of protection against corrosion, erosion, oxidation.

    Designed to work at high temperatures.

    They do not oxidize, do not rust, do not form cracks upon contact with aggressive components, and do not deform. With direct exposure to UV radiation, electric current or fire, they retain their shape.

    The shape depends on the type of product for which the tip is intended.



    Caps of precious metals are used to protect the sharp edges of the tools.

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