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  • Cadmium metal products
    Al Farid Wood and Metal Trading Company sell various cadmium products in the UAE. The offered products are of high quality, reliability and durability. Our managers will help you choose the right products and place an order, and provide all the necessary advice. You will receive a comfortable full-cycle service, convenient forms of payment, low prices and a flexible system of discounts for regular customers.

    Cadmium is a soft, malleable, crusty transition metal. Color – silvery white. Possesses stability in dry air, in the damp environment, the film protecting the metal from oxidation is formed. Cadmium and its compounds are toxic.

    It has a hexagonal lattice structure. Melts at 321 ° C. Boils at a temperature of 770 ° C.

    density 8. 65 g/cm3

    The main field of application of cadmium – the creation of protective, particularly durable anti-corrosion coatings. Cadmium is used in the production of alloys (printing alloys, jewellery alloys, metallurgical alloys). Cadmium is used in energy. In conjunction with copper, it is used for wires of high-voltage lines, as well as powerful reusable batteries. As part of cadmium telluride is used in space research.

    The alloy is a multicomponent material, has plasticity and fluidity, high heat and electrical conductivity, easily forged, rolled and polished, soluble in sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. It is suitable for the manufacture of corrosion-resistant coatings of steel, aluminum and copper products operating in sea water, in rooms with high humidity, in contact with electric current, soldiers, chemical current sources and high-voltage wires, due to which it is in demand in the field of mechanical engineering,   electrical engineering and radio engineering.


    Cadmium metal products   supplied in the form of ingots  and plates. We offer four  main types of metal with different percentages of impurities: Cd-1, Cd-0, Cd-00, Cd-000


    Chemical composition, (%)
    Fe Cu As Pb Zn Sb Sn Cd Tl Impurities, total (%)
    <   0.003 <   0.01 <   0.002 <   0.03 <   0.005 <   0.002 <   0.002 min   99.93 <   0.01 max 0.07



    Chemical composition, (%)
    Fe Ni Cu Pb Zn Cd Tl Impurities, total (%) other impurities, (%)
    <   0.002 <   0.002 <   0.01 <   0.02 <   0.004 min   99.96 <   0.003 max 0.04 As+Sb+Sn =< 0.003



    Chemical composition, (%)
    Fe Ni Cu Pb Zn Cd Tl Impurities, total (%)
    <   0.0001 <   0.0001 <   0.0003 <   0.0003 <   0.0005 min   99.998 <   0.0001 max 0.002



    Chemical composition, (%)
    Fe Ni Cu Pb Zn Ag Bi Cd Tl In Hg Impurities, total (%)
    <   0.00001 <   0.000005 <   0.000005 <   0.00003 <   0.00003 <   0.000001 <   0.00001 min   99.9998 <   0.00001 <   0.000002 <   0.00008 max 0.0002



    The size, price and range of cadmium products are constantly updated, so please contact our managers to place your order quickly and correctly.
    To get the price please send us a request for quotation with the required size, quantity and material of the goods.

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