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Pipe defect detection methods

News: Pipe defect detection methods

By purchasing pipes, each buyer has the right to demand a quality certificate from the seller, which contains data on pipes, steel, and the manufacturer. There may also contain information about the tests of pipe defect. This is very important news, which makes us understand that the pipe is not only manufactured in accordance with the quality certificate but also tested for strength and the presence of various defects.

Good news that after production, steel pipes are subjected to various tests. These are such tests as:

hardness test;
hydraulic pressure test;
the presence of continuity and uniformity of the metal

One of the methods of conducting such pipe defect tests is ultrasonic flaw detection, it allows to detect flaws that are present both on the outer and the inner surface and even in the thickness of the pipe wall.

Pipe defect in pipelines news

Search for defects in existing pipelines or installations:

The main tasks are the detection of corrosion defects in existing water supply pipelines, drill pipes, pump-compressor installations and casing pipes.
Defects that are reliably detected by the proposed method:

local reduction of pipe wall thickness up to 50% of the original;
defects in welds;
detection of even the smallest cracks.

The method is based on measuring the time interval between ultrasound pulses reflected from the inner and outer walls of the pipe. At the same time, there is no need to clean the surface of pipes from rust and paint, since the input of ultrasound is performed in a non-contact manner.

Standard Test Method for Gross Defects and Mechanical Damage in Metallic Coatings


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