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Metal contacts compatibility

Metal contacts compatibility

Many people know that you can not twist between copper and aluminum wires. Copper grounding bus or brass board stand does not fit well with galvanized screws. Why? Corrosion can destroy electrical contact and the device will stop working. If this is protective earth for the case, the device will continue to work, but it will be unsafe. A bare aluminum part, in general, can gradually turn into rubbish if even low voltage is applied to it.  Metal contacts compatibility is a very important issue in modern electrical engineering and construction.

The metals available to us are not limited to copper and aluminum, there are various steels, tin, zinc, nickel, chromium, and their alloys. And not all of them are combined with each other, we will try to shed light on this issue.

Contacts compatibility table

The following table provides recommendations for the compatibility of metals in contact connections: Metal contacts compatibility

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