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Know-how: 5 tips to take full advantage of aluminium foil when cooking. Dubai, UAE

Know-how: 5 tips to take full advantage of aluminium foil when cooking. Dubai, UAE

There is nothing easier than buying aluminium foil online. And there is nothing easier than applying the following tips and taking full advantage of cooking foil.

Tip 1. How to use thin aluminium  foil for baking

If you buy thin aluminium foil, chances are it gets torn during baking. In this case, a sauce bubbles over and leaks away and your meal becomes tough or even burnt. To prevent this, use several foil layers to envelop food and leave a bit more space inside this casing.

Tip 2. How to bake meat with a golden crust

To get a golden crust, you need to have extra moisture evaporated. When you thoroughly wrap meat into bakery foil, moisture doesn’t evaporate but stay inside the roll. Piercing holes 15-20 minutes before removing the dish from the oven solves the issue.

Tip 3. How to avoid dry edges on your pot pie

Typically, one of the main problems with a pot pie is its edges get dry and tough while baking. To avoid this, use foil to wrap the edges up before putting the pie into your oven. This saves enough moisture inside the crust to keep edges soft so you can enjoy your pot pie even more.

Tip 4. How to keep cooked meal warm for the longest time

A cold meal at the festive table is a common issue. To avoid this, put the foil over the plate and laid the cooked meal out on it while it is still hot. Then, cover it with another layer of the foil.

Tip 5. How to use aluminium  foil matte side and glossy side

To be honest, there is no big difference what side of aluminium foil you use. However, it is noticed food sticks to a matte side less often.

Note, you can cook any food with the foil but avoid using it for apples, pears, and other fruits as they can lose their taste.


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