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Foil: interesting facts. Dubai, UAE

Foil: interesting facts. Dubai, UAE

Foil is a metal paper, a thin metal sheet with a thickness of 0.0001 to 0.2 mm from aluminum, steel, tin, silver or gold. An aluminum  roll is a lavish and necessary item for many important actions.

Foil applications

 Foil packaging is popular with manufacturers of semi-finished products, chefs use it as a baking dish. Beauty salons use rolled foil  in the process of hair coloring. Hookah bars place specially prepared  on a hookah bowl to ensure even and deep heating of tobacco.

AL Farid Wood and Metal Trading Company specializes in selling top-quality rolled foil in various sizes and thicknesses, both for industrial and domestic use. Our company offers to buy aluminum foil rolls at a discount for a variety of purposes. We know a lot of interesting facts which we are ready to share with you.

Different facets of a simple object

Do not choose between brilliant and dull

The difference between the shiny and matte sides of the fol is aesthetic, due to the specifics of the production. The only exception: for non-stick, with which meat and pastries are perfectly cooked, check the box as a mark on the shiny, more slippery side of the foil paper.

I can be recycled

Like aluminum cans, aluminum foil is fully recyclable. It is necessary to wash off the remnants of food or hair dye from the used roll and place in a separate bag, then transfer them to recycling.


Surprise! I can sharpen objects

 paper is not just an accessory that is used for baking dishes. Experienced cooks also use other beneficial properties. To sharpen the scissors, fold a piece half twice to make four layers. Then cut the foil with scissors several times to clean and sharpen the blades.

The secret is how to deploy me

Most foil boxes at both ends have perforated tabs that need to be pulled toward the center of the box to fix the foil roll itself when you tear off a piece of it. Not many people know about this useful option, but it is really important!

Choose my heavy version

Heavy-duty roll, as a rule, is at least 50% thicker than standard, which reduces the likelihood of tearing and leakage, so it costs a little more. Use  for everything you use plain foil for packaging products and lining a baking dish.

Second, the foil paper has an Al2O3 oxide coating that protects food from oxidizing. Still, such goods as lemon and other alkaline and acidic food destroy this coating and, then, interact. However, this interaction couldn’t be considered as dangerous. The only truth here is that this can spoil the food taste.

To put it short, we give a negative answer to the question. So, you can still buy, for example, Aluminium foil roll 75 sq ft for your cooking and packaging needs and use it with no harm to your health.



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