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How to install a copper pipe? Dubai, UAE

How to install a copper pipe? Dubai, UAE


To ensure the integrity of the structure use these methods of ac copper pipe assembly:

  • soft or hard soldering;
  • mechanical connection (assembly using fittings);
  • a combination of several types of connections.

Mechanical connection

The algorithm for mounting copper tubes is as follows:

  • identify the need to install an oil trap on the route (for a route with a height difference between blocks of more than 5 meters);
  • measure the required length of the tubes and cut them to size (preferably leave a small margin in case of an unsuccessful roll);
  • put on the reverse nuts and roll the ends of the tubes;
  • remove burrs using a reamer;
  • bend the tubes and put them in a straw or decorative box, organize oil traps.

Copper pipe Soldering

This process is based on the capillary effect. In this case, the solder layer is laid evenly along the cross section of the copper pipe. Also in the process, special fittings are used, which are selected separately for each diameter of the pipe roll.

Very important

Be careful with the size, as the tubes are different: “copper pipe 1/2 size”, “copper pipe 1/4 size” and so on. Read the information about the purchased air conditioner in detail before ordering pipes to avoid mistakes.

Do not use metal cutting tools when working with air conditioner tube. Metal shavings can get into the cooling system and clog the tube opening. In this case, the air conditioner will definitely break.

What makes a copper pipe the only choice for air conditioning?

Despite its rather high price, a copper pipe is commonly used for an air conditioner and other cooling systems in Dubai, the UAE, as well as around the world. Why? Because of its great properties:

  • Heat conductivity,
  • Corrosion resistance,
  • Pliability and welding features.

With Al Farid Wood and Metal Trading Company, we will discuss these properties to understand why they make  pipe the only choice for air conditioning.


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