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How to choose the best aluminium foil for baking and packing. Dubai, UAE

How to choose the best aluminium foil for baking and packing. Dubai, UAE

Do you know aluminium foil can be of technical use? Do you know its thickness varies? When you are well aware of all these peculiarities of aluminum foil, you never buy a roll you will regret about later.

So, there are at least two facets you need to pay attention to.


When choosing foil for your baking and food storage needs, buy a one that contains not less than 95% of aluminum. This is a very important detail because any other alloys can cause serious health issues.

To make things easier, there should be a wine glass and a fork symbol on the label as they indicate the product is made of food-safe material.


Thickness really matters. Typically, it could be of 9 or 14 microns.

If you buy foil paper to use it for baking or grilling, choose a thicker one. There are at least two reasons to justify this choice:

  • tear resistance,
  • heat resistance.

Thickerfoil is more resistant to tear and generated vapors can’t make a hole in sealed packaging you create. And, as you know, sealed packaging is one of the main conditions for getting succulent instead of dry dishes on your plate. Besides, thicker foil withstands higher temperatures, which is crucial when cooking on the grill or open fire.

However, if you use it just for food storage,   any thickness tackles this task successfully.

For many years aluminium foil is in common use for cooking and packaging. However, there are still many rumors and guesses around its properties.

So, together with Al Farid Wood and Metal Trading Company, let’s find out whether these rumors and guesses true or just myths. As a company that sells aluminum foil not only in Dubai and Abu Dhabi but in Sharjah, Al Ain, and other emirates across the UAE, they know everything about their products and can be regarded as an authoritative expert in this issue.

We guarantee aluminum foil you order on our website is safe for food contact and perfect for baking, grilling, and packing.


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