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Features of insulating copper tubes in air conditioning systems

Features of insulating copper tubes in air conditioning systems

In some cases, AC copper tubes are placed in an additional insulating channel. A similar solution is used if it is necessary to completely eliminate the likelihood of freezing or overheating of the refrigerant that moves through the copper tubes. The use of additional insulation of copper tubes in cooling systems eliminates the risk of accumulation of condensate generated during the operation of air conditioners in critically large volumes. One of the elements of the insulation system is a special safety valve. It is a black tubular element about 2 meters long, made of foamed rubber (non-porous) or special polyethylene. This valve performs the function of protecting copper tubes in the temperature range from -150ºС to + 150ºС.

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Copper pipe work

Copper pipes for conditioners are placed in a special box, and the drainage channel is placed at a slope, to drain condensate. Between the external and internal blocks create two highways of copper tubes. The gas line delivers the refrigerant in the form of gas (usually freon) from the compressor to the condenser and from the evaporator to the compressor, the second circuit of the conditioner copper tubes delivers the refrigerant in the form of liquid from the condenser to the evaporator. Both lines are pulled together with plastic clamps. The external and internal block are installed after laying and reliable fixation of the track. At the next stage, AC pipes and blocks are connected into a single system, the joints are checked for leaks.

It is recommended that fitting connections be made in places with easy access in order to be able to check the grip strength of elements during operation. Docking of conditioner pipes by soldering, preliminary cleaning and degreasing of pipes, applying a special hermetic paste, uniform heating of the joint with a torch, applying solder, cooling the joint in natural conditions and removing excess sealant.;u=824130;area=summary;u=814342