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Copper tubes: application in air conditioning systems

Copper pipes: application in air conditioning systems

For air cooling and conditioning systems, the use of AC-copper pipes in the main components of the system is by far one of the most practical solutions. Due to the properties of copper, the tubes are not subject to corrosion and environmental influences, are durable in use and have high strength. Copper tubes perfectly cope with high pressure and temperature extremes, have a small weight.

Basic properties of copper tubes

Today, copper pipes are one of the most suitable solutions for the installation of air conditioning systems. They are environmentally friendly, durable, resistant to corrosion, tolerate external influences without damage, and are highly durable. Copper tubes are lightweight and can withstand high pressures and sudden temperature changes. Copper tubes are used as a connecting element between the external unit and the inside of the air conditioner, through which chemically corrosive liquids (refrigerants) and gases are supplied. Due to its immunity to interaction with active substances, copper tubes do not undergo chemical destruction and corrosion when the refrigerant sequentially goes through the evaporation/condensation stages, during which energy is absorbed/released. Air conditioner copper pipes made of other materials are not able to withstand such loads in temperature and pressure and cannot compete with products made of copper.

Types of copper tubes

There are two technologies for the production of copper pipes that directly affect their consumer properties. Annealed copper pipes have higher technical characteristics than unannealed ones, as they are designed to withstand higher pressure without undergoing deformation due to their increased flexibility. Annealed type copper tube has a strength of 210-220 thousand kPa and is characterized by an average tensile elongation of 50 to 60%. Unannealed copper pipes for air conditioning systems in most cases are supplied in the form of rods and are characterized by strength of 280-300 thousand kPa and tensile elongation of 10 to 15%.

Based on these inputs, the diameter of the copper tubes for the installation of air conditioning systems must be selected based on the air conditioning capacity declared by the manufacturer – the higher it is, the higher the pressure in the system and the level of refrigerant. When you choose copper pipe for air conditioner for purchase, it is important to pay attention to the presence of plastic plugs at their ends, which are necessary in order to prevent the occurrence of increased humidity, litter, dust and pollution.

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