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Copper pipe in the air conditioner. What role does it play? Dubai, UAE

Copper pipe in the air conditioner. What role does it play? Dubai, UAE

Every year customers are more and more concerned about how to choose the parts to make the air conditioner last longer. Among the consumables for installing it, a copper tube is most often ordered. Of course, copper has analogues, such as aluminum, various polymer materials. So why do most people choose copper? The answer is simple: only copper has the highest resistance to corrosion, is not susceptible to various types of bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, and is not subject to the build-up of organic and mineral deposits. According to statistics, a pipe made of this material can last as long as fifty years.

AC copper pipe can be different: copper pipe 12,7 mm, copper pipe 6,35 mm and so on.   

Most of the components and parts in the air conditioner are made of metal. Even electrical wires in plastic shrouds become unusable if all the system becomes corroded. That is why it makes no sense to use budget analogues, because later you will still have to buy copper tubes (unless you do not want another air conditioner to break).

Pipes types

When carrying out work related to the installation of HVAC equipment, there is a need to create communications designed to transport refrigerant from one unit to another. Most often they use copper tubes for air conditioners.

For work as a part of conditioning systems copper tubes of 2 types are used:

unannealed, with increased strength;
annealed, characterized by greater ductility.
In order to give them high ductility, the tubes are additionally subjected to one of the types of heat treatment – annealing.

How to buy copper pipe?

On our website you can order tubes from certified manufacturers. If you want to learn more about copper pipe, order online right now! We will answer all your questions.


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