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Copper pipe for conditioner: size table, types. Dubai, UAE

Copper pipe for conditioner: size table, types. Dubai, UAE

Air conditioner copper pipe is rarely included with the air conditioner itself. In most cases, the customer himself purchases all additional components. Despite the fact that it is better to entrust their purchase to a specialist, we try to give our customers as much information as possible about all the subtleties of choosing components. It will help them to buy copper pipe of the appropriate size.

The small cross-section allows you not to make large holes in the building wall when broaching. Depending on the unit power, the diameter varies: copper pipe 0,7 mm, copper pipe 12,7 mm and so on. The amount of pressure loss in the end devices that cool the air also depends on the diameter. Most often, copper tubes are used for air conditioners, which diameters are shown in the table:

The higher the power of the air conditioner, the greater the amount of refrigerant the tubes must pass through. The dimensions of pipes for air conditioners can also be classified by length, because the distance between the external and internal blocks may be different. As a rule, copper pipes are delivered to stores in compartments with a length of 15, 25 and 50 meters.

Properties and characteristics copper pipe

Installation using copper tubes is relatively simple, but there are some features of soldering: in particular, copper-phosphor or silver should be used.

Cutting the desired segments is carried out only with the help of a pipe cutter, since the use of a hacksaw leaves burrs and an uneven cut, which can lead to poor-quality flaring, and as a result to a gas leak or malfunction of the system. Trimming is carried out with a margin of 6-9 cm in order to be able to cut a piece with a failed flare.

In order to increase the life of the air conditioning system, it should regularly conduct a routine inspection.

How to order?

We hope this information will help you make your choice easily. Please contact our managers to get the copper tube price and to place your order.


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