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Core applications of aluminium foil containers Dubai, UAE

Core applications of aluminium foil containers Dubai, UAE

The invention of aluminium foil greatly enriched and simplified cooking, baking, and food storage. However, great minds went even further and designed an aluminium foil containers.

In this post, we will find out how you can use the container and what makes it to be even more convenient in use. Experts of Al Farid Wood and Metal Trading Company, who offers aluminium foil containers for sale in Dubai, the UAE, are here to provide us with a detailed answer.

Aluminium foil containers for baking

An aluminium foil container is a nice baking dish. One of its great attributes is not being flat but having volume and shape. This provides the following advantages:

  • Dealing with liquid food,
  • Minimal risks of getting torn when wrapping,
  • Minimal risks of sauce leaking while baking.

With an aluminium foil container, you can cook and bake not only solid types of food such as meat and vegetables but liquid ones as well. For example, you can pour sponge cake dough into an aluminum foil container IUL 338 and then bake it. Besides, in contrast to dealing with baking paper, here you don’t have to face risks of its tearing and sauce leaking. To clarify, all you need to do is to put food into this box without the need to bother with accurate wrapping and sealing.

Food storage

You can use aluminium foil containers for food storage. Here, the aforementioned strong suits of volume and shape are in full power again. In other words, when you put food into these items, you do not have to worry about whether you wrap and seal it perfectly. This save your time as well as keep your refrigerator clean.

In addition, using containers make food storage more convenient and practical. To clarify, storing food in shaped boxes, especially when they have covers, takes full advantage of vertical storage where you can easily put one box on another. No more shapeless lumps, only straight rows.


Perhaps, the greatest usage of an aluminium foil container is in takeout catering. The main advantages here are it keeps food warm for a long time and can be used for food serving. So, you don’t have to eat a cold meal or bother yourself by looking for a plate or bowl.

This makes the containers to be very popular on special occasions. For example, housewives take advantage of these items when they arrange picnics. That is to say, they use them to pack a meal to be eaten outdoors. Very easy and convenient. Just have a picnic and then dispose of the items.



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