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Aluminum foil using in the beauty and hookah industry. Dubai, UAE

Aluminum foil using in the beauty and hookah industry. Dubai, UAE

Aluminum foil is an important attribute when performing a number of cosmetic procedures in beauty salons and when organizing leisure and relaxation in hookahs.

Useful properties of foil for highlighting hair

Foil wrap provides the necessary control for sector coloring of hair. Foil in rolls is mainly used when working with permanent oxidative dyes on medium and long hair. Manufacturers produce foil paper as cut plates, and in rolls, when it can be cut into strips of the required length.  In addition, the foil allows the hairdresser to isolate certain areas of the hair using complex techniques of applying several shades at the same time. In conclusion, the colored foil allows you to control a clear sequence of applying shades.

The aluminum foil is applied to:

  • multicolor staining;
  • techniques involving the contrast between light and dark strands;
  • applying a basic tone, highlighting and staining darker in one step;
  • sector stains;
  • dyeing very thin hair;
  • in addition to design, creative techniques;
  • radical clarification or darkening of hair.

Application of foil in hookahs

Hookah smoking is a special ritual; it is relaxation and rest, removal from everyday worries and troubles of life. In the East, hookah was a part of people’s lives, and this is a way of refreshment, and communication, and business negotiations. Usually, foil shisha is used to ignite a hookah. They close the bowl of tobacco with it, make holes, and put coal on top. The foil for shisha is indispensable for a hookah. It allows you to evenly warm the coals and keep them warm for a long time.

Tips for using shisha foil in hookahs

Regular roll foil is ideal for use in hookahs. It is inexpensive, and one roll is enough for a long time. Therefore you can use it when driving both standard bowls and fruit bowls. To use rolled foil in hookahs, it is necessary to tear off a sheet 30-40 centimetres long and roll it into 4 layers. If you use a single layer of foil, the tobacco will start to burn, and a bitter aftertaste may occur.

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