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Aluminium foil paper: 5 simple hacks. Dubai, UAE

Aluminium foil paper: 5 simple hacks. Dubai, UAE

Are you ready to discover some awesome life hacks of using aluminium foil in day-to-day life? If so, keep reading this post.

Keep egg shells holistic when boiling

Having eggshells cracked not only causes egg content to escape the shell, but shortens its storage time. To avoid eggshell cracking, wrap eggs in cooking foil before you start boiling them.

Cool beverages faster aluminium foil

Need to cool your drinks in no time? Tightly pack the bottle with the foil and put it into a fridge or fridge-freezer. The foil absorbs the extra cold and transfers it to the bottle.

Polish your silver ware aluminium foil

As the time goes, your silverware gets tarnished. Buy aluminum foil and add a few large pieces of it into solution of boiling water, salt, and baking soda. Soak your ware in this solution for an hour and enjoy its gloss again.

Iron your clothes faster

Put your jeans or other clothing on the bakery foil and start ironing their upper side. The foil will heat their lower side as well. So, you will manage to iron both sides simultaneously and cut the time twice.

Prolong bananas shelf life

Bananas ripe quickly and inevitably. However, you may slow down their ripening with the help of aluminium foil. Just wrap bananas stem end into the packaging foil and make bananas last longer.

So, aluminium foil paper is not just for baking and packing but can help you a lot. Order aluminium foil online on our website at very friendly prices and simplify some of your routine household tasks.


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