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Aluminium foil and its common fields of use. Dubai, UAE

Aluminium foil and its common fields of use. Dubai, UAE

Statistics say people buy a roll of aluminium foil at least every 30 minutes around the world. So, we can say it is a very useful thing indeed.

Basically, there are two common fields of its application:

  • Baking,
  • Packaging.

Besides, those who know how a hookah works are fully aware of its third application as shisha foil.

Bakery foil

Wrap meat or vegetables into the foil before putting them into your oven and you get a tastier and healthier meal. Why is possible?

First, this prevents fat and virgin sauce from escaping. Therefore, you bake meat or vegetables in their virgin sauce and get them not dry and burnt but very succulent and tender. Also, you do not need to grease your meal additionally as it bakes perfectly it in its own fat. At last, the vacuum you create reduces its cooking time. In turn, this preserves a lot of vitamins.

Packing foil

Aluminium foil is ideal for goods packaging. To clarify, packing goods into the foil doesn’t let any outside germ penetrate them. Thus, you can store your goods for a longer period.

In addition, by wrapping one product into the aluminium paper, you isolate it from extraneous odors of another one. Therefore, such packaging is very useful if you store it together with goods that emit strong flavors.

So, do you want to cook a delicious and healthy meal and store it to be fresh and authentic for a long time? If so, aluminium foil is a must to buy providing it has a very low price but gives your high-end results.

For many years aluminium foil is in common use for cooking and packaging. However, there are still many rumors and guesses around its properties.

So, together with Al Farid Wood and Metal Trading Company, let’s find out whether these rumors and guesses true or just myths. As a company that sells aluminum foil not only in Dubai and Abu Dhabi but in Sharjah, Al Ain, and other emirates across the UAE, they know everything about their products and can be regarded as an authoritative expert in this issue.


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