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Aluminium foil and its basic properties

Aluminium foil and its basic properties

Aluminium foil is an aluminum sheet of 0.0065 – 0.2 mm thickness. We value it for its main attributes that make it useful for a household or industry application.

Health-affecting attributes

First, the foil is absolutely non-toxic. This makes it possible to use it as packing or baking foil without any risks to get poisoned.

Second, it is very hygienic. Due to extremely high temperatures used to anneal the foil when manufacturing, it is free of surface bacteria. Therefore, it is not conducive to their reproduction.

The third attribute is its sufficient barrier properties. To clarify, it serves as a perfect screen:

  • protects goods from drying or moisturizing,
  • isolates them from light,
  • prevents any off-flavors to penetrate.

That’s why you use aluminium foil to wrap your goods for better storage.

Other important properties

Fourth and fifth important attributes here are transcalency and heat resistance. These properties should be considered together as they make it possible to use aluminium foil for cooking and baking. In other words, this guarantees it will transfer a good portion of the heat to food without the risk of getting melt and spoiling the food.

At last, aluminium foil is easy to recycle. Therefore, it and can be reused an unlimited number of times. Perhaps, this is one of its greatest attributes for those who care about our environment.

To sum up, when you buy alluminium foil, you are not thinking about most of these properties but about how you will use it. However, it is these properties that enable us to benefit while cooking and storing our meal.


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